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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kitty Quilt *my first quilt*

After many, many moons, I have finally finished my first quilt! This is a rather small quilt, meant to be a kitty quilt. I originally started the top for my cat Spencer. But sadly back in '06 he disappeared So the top sat around unfinished, until I moved and discovered it again. I was hand-piecing it when I started it, due to lack of sewing machine, but I have one now so it was machine finished.

It is machine quilted in a diamond pattern (easier to see on the back). I didn't have enough of the blue fabric to make binding, so I was going to purchase some bias tape but Hobby Lobby was completely out of blue. But their ribbon was 50% off so I bought some blue ribbon and used that for the binding instead. I didn't actually follow the correct instructions for doing the binding, and now wish I had. But oh well, it is a made for a cat, they aren't picky.

Thanks to my Granny's large stash of fabric and batting it was a cheap quilt, only $1 for a yard of blue broadcloth, and $2.16 for the ribbon.

I am gave it to my boyfriend for his cat Calvin. I crocheted my boyfriend a blanket which his cat loves and keeps drooling all over it, which drives my boyfriend insane. I was hoping Calvin would take to the quilt and leave the blanket alone, but at least while I was visiting Calvin completely ignored the quilt. Such a typical cat.

Here it is being presented by my cat Ellie

The back, so you can see the quilting


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