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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Make-up bag 10 years in the making

About 10, maybe even 11, years ago (when I was still in high school) my best friend and I picked up a free pattern flyer from Michael's for a crocheted purse. I decided on brown and pink for mine, she chose brown and blue. We sat around many days during the summer crocheting up the squares, then school started back up and we both stopped working on it.

Flash forward 5 years. I am now in college and come across the random brown and pink squares. They don't even make the same color brown yarn anymore, nor do I desire to have it as a purse now anyway. I don't want to throw them away though, so I crochet them together, add to solid brown single crocheted sides, and figure it can be a make-up bag instead. All I needed was a vinyl lining and a top.

Flash forward 4 years. I have now graduated college and have moved to a new place. I stumble across the half finished make-up bag and toss it into a "to-do" craft box I have.

Flash forward 1 year. I am forcing myself to get serious about finishing all my half-completed projects so I figure I should start with the make-up bag. I had some clear vinyl left over from another project, so I sew up a lining and attach it. I ran to Hobby Lobby, picked up a brown zipper, crocheted a top for the bag, then attached the zipper.

Finally, the bag is complete!! This isn't my best work (nor my greatest camera work) but I am happy to be able to mark it off the list!

The outside utilizing the squares from the free flyer

The zippered top

The vinyl interior

I wish I had some non-transparent vinyl for the interior, but I wasn't spending more money on this project than need be. And it is kind of cool being able to see the back of the squares I guess. I have no use for a make-up bag for I already have one, but I am hoping one day I can actually find a use for this. But at least it is done!!

Now onto tackling more unfinished projects!


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