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Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday Knits

Wow, has it really almost been a year since I last posted something? Oops, I am going to blame moving, changing jobs (more times than I would like), and other life events for the absences. In reality it is just my laziness and my forgetfulness. But even though I have not been posting I have been knitting and crocheting. Fiber arts are what keep me grounded, sane, and calm during stressful periods, such as moving and changing jobs. So I will now post some holiday items I made over 6 months ago. Better late than never right?

The first item was made as part of my halloween costume for work (back before Regal bought out my theatre and laid us all off that is). I was Mrs. Lovett, from Sweeney Todd. I figured if I just dressed like her no one would figure out what I was wearing, and just think witch or vampire. So I needed a meat pie, complete with human parts baked in. So I whipped out a crochet hook and crocheted one up. No pattern used, just made it up as I went. I then stuffed it with brown yarn and bought some halloween candy that looked like eyes, and placed them looking out.

"There you'll sample Mrs. Lovett's meat pies, savory and sweet pies, as you'll see"

Worst pie in London...side view

The costume, complete with pie

And my second holiday knit was made for Christmas, yet is almost just as morbid. One of my best friends moved in with me back in October. Well Christmas rolled around and she didn't have a stocking. This was just unacceptable in a knitters house, so I set out at once to make her one that reflected her personality. No cheesy dollar store stockings with silver puff paint names allowed in my house. She is a big fan of skulls, yet is not a goth girl. So I settled on a bright pink background with a skull motif. I just altered my favorite stocking pattern, then spruced it up with gold bells. For some reason a stocking is just not a stocking without jingle bells on it, in my view at least. She loved it and made our hearth much more homey when we each had a stocking hanging. Her name is added on the other side of the stocking, but I am showing a back view for privacy reasons. There is a skull on both sides stocking.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday knits. I have a few other projects that are just about complete. I will try to post them as soon as their are done, instead of waiting 6 months, but I make no promises :)


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