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Sunday, January 21, 2007

My First Sweater

So as usual I finished this project a few months ago but I forgot to post it. This was my first sweater and I got the pattern from the Stitch n' Bitch book. It knit up really fast and was very easy. I used circular needles on the neck instead of striaght needles like it called for so I wouldn't have to sew up another edge ( I HATE sewing edges!) And the pattern on the sleeves kept it from getting to boring. It is a little longer than I would have liked and is slightly baggy, but it was a boy pattern and I did want to use it as a pull-over so it doesn't bother me very much. I love it so much I wear it with pride regardless of the size. Due to my wool allergy I just used cheap Red Heart yarn in Hunters Gray for the body and an off white for the skull.


At 6:33 AM, Blogger kNew England Knitter/iSiS said...

Tag! you're it! 7 things please. go to to find out how to play

and i love how your Skully sweater came out


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