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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monk Messenger Bag

I got this project from the book "Folk Bags". I had wanted to make this for a long time but I have an addiction to messenger bags and already own 3 and couldn't justify adding another. But then I had a job interview in Chicago and my dad went with me (he had always wanted to visit Chicago so it gave him an excuse to go), and he researched yarn shops in the area and surprised me by taking me to one. Then he told me to pick out some yarn so I could knit my own souvenir. (Did I mention I have the best daddy ever!) I didn't have any knitting books on me, but the store had the "Folk Bags" book so I took it as a sign that I needed to make the bag. Plus the book titled this piece "monk bag", and having been a religion major focusing on Asian religions I had no excuse for not making this bag.

It is made from a mercerized cotton yarn, I can't remember which brand.

I did alter the pattern some, eliminating all but the strap pockets for I wanted to put a lining into the bag. But I added 3 pockets into my lining so it is still a pocket heavy bag...which I love! The more pockets a bag has the more drawn to it I am. I also didn't add the clasps on the flap, I tried to add them but they just didn't look right to me, so I opted to go without. I wish I had made the front flap longer than the book specified. It seems a bit to short but to late now, it will have to do.

Pocket Pictures!

The strap pocket (there is one on each side)

My favorite pocket in lining. I was going to add a zipper but I never actually close interior zipper pockets so I figured why even add the zipper.

I used a cheap, light-weight fabric for the lining because I want the bag to retain its slouchy-ness when I use it, but didn't want items poking through the knitting if I didn't put a lining in.

I have had the bag knitted up for quite awhile but it took me a few more months to put the lining in (I tend to put off projects that require the sewing machine). So I can now finally mark this project off my "to do" list!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kitty Quilt *my first quilt*

After many, many moons, I have finally finished my first quilt! This is a rather small quilt, meant to be a kitty quilt. I originally started the top for my cat Spencer. But sadly back in '06 he disappeared So the top sat around unfinished, until I moved and discovered it again. I was hand-piecing it when I started it, due to lack of sewing machine, but I have one now so it was machine finished.

It is machine quilted in a diamond pattern (easier to see on the back). I didn't have enough of the blue fabric to make binding, so I was going to purchase some bias tape but Hobby Lobby was completely out of blue. But their ribbon was 50% off so I bought some blue ribbon and used that for the binding instead. I didn't actually follow the correct instructions for doing the binding, and now wish I had. But oh well, it is a made for a cat, they aren't picky.

Thanks to my Granny's large stash of fabric and batting it was a cheap quilt, only $1 for a yard of blue broadcloth, and $2.16 for the ribbon.

I am gave it to my boyfriend for his cat Calvin. I crocheted my boyfriend a blanket which his cat loves and keeps drooling all over it, which drives my boyfriend insane. I was hoping Calvin would take to the quilt and leave the blanket alone, but at least while I was visiting Calvin completely ignored the quilt. Such a typical cat.

Here it is being presented by my cat Ellie

The back, so you can see the quilting

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Make-up bag 10 years in the making

About 10, maybe even 11, years ago (when I was still in high school) my best friend and I picked up a free pattern flyer from Michael's for a crocheted purse. I decided on brown and pink for mine, she chose brown and blue. We sat around many days during the summer crocheting up the squares, then school started back up and we both stopped working on it.

Flash forward 5 years. I am now in college and come across the random brown and pink squares. They don't even make the same color brown yarn anymore, nor do I desire to have it as a purse now anyway. I don't want to throw them away though, so I crochet them together, add to solid brown single crocheted sides, and figure it can be a make-up bag instead. All I needed was a vinyl lining and a top.

Flash forward 4 years. I have now graduated college and have moved to a new place. I stumble across the half finished make-up bag and toss it into a "to-do" craft box I have.

Flash forward 1 year. I am forcing myself to get serious about finishing all my half-completed projects so I figure I should start with the make-up bag. I had some clear vinyl left over from another project, so I sew up a lining and attach it. I ran to Hobby Lobby, picked up a brown zipper, crocheted a top for the bag, then attached the zipper.

Finally, the bag is complete!! This isn't my best work (nor my greatest camera work) but I am happy to be able to mark it off the list!

The outside utilizing the squares from the free flyer

The zippered top

The vinyl interior

I wish I had some non-transparent vinyl for the interior, but I wasn't spending more money on this project than need be. And it is kind of cool being able to see the back of the squares I guess. I have no use for a make-up bag for I already have one, but I am hoping one day I can actually find a use for this. But at least it is done!!

Now onto tackling more unfinished projects!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday Knits

Wow, has it really almost been a year since I last posted something? Oops, I am going to blame moving, changing jobs (more times than I would like), and other life events for the absences. In reality it is just my laziness and my forgetfulness. But even though I have not been posting I have been knitting and crocheting. Fiber arts are what keep me grounded, sane, and calm during stressful periods, such as moving and changing jobs. So I will now post some holiday items I made over 6 months ago. Better late than never right?

The first item was made as part of my halloween costume for work (back before Regal bought out my theatre and laid us all off that is). I was Mrs. Lovett, from Sweeney Todd. I figured if I just dressed like her no one would figure out what I was wearing, and just think witch or vampire. So I needed a meat pie, complete with human parts baked in. So I whipped out a crochet hook and crocheted one up. No pattern used, just made it up as I went. I then stuffed it with brown yarn and bought some halloween candy that looked like eyes, and placed them looking out.

"There you'll sample Mrs. Lovett's meat pies, savory and sweet pies, as you'll see"

Worst pie in London...side view

The costume, complete with pie

And my second holiday knit was made for Christmas, yet is almost just as morbid. One of my best friends moved in with me back in October. Well Christmas rolled around and she didn't have a stocking. This was just unacceptable in a knitters house, so I set out at once to make her one that reflected her personality. No cheesy dollar store stockings with silver puff paint names allowed in my house. She is a big fan of skulls, yet is not a goth girl. So I settled on a bright pink background with a skull motif. I just altered my favorite stocking pattern, then spruced it up with gold bells. For some reason a stocking is just not a stocking without jingle bells on it, in my view at least. She loved it and made our hearth much more homey when we each had a stocking hanging. Her name is added on the other side of the stocking, but I am showing a back view for privacy reasons. There is a skull on both sides stocking.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday knits. I have a few other projects that are just about complete. I will try to post them as soon as their are done, instead of waiting 6 months, but I make no promises :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

getting closer to knitting

I recently Crocheted this panda for my friend. She is moving to LA and has to give away her chinese hamsters since they are outlawed in California. I went with her to deliver the hamsters to their new home and surprised her with the panda afterwards. I am hoping it will help lessen her sadness from losing her pets, and it is legal in California!

I got the idea from the Spring/Summer '08 issue of Knit1. My plan was to follow their pattern but I ended up changing it completely. The only thing that is the same is the muzzle. I made the eye spots smaller and completely changed the legs, arms, ears, and tail. They said to make the head and body in two pieces, and sew them together. I hate sewing parts together so I just made it all in the round and made the head and body one piece. I just used yarn I had in my stash and buttons I had for the eyes and fiber fill I already total cost: super cheap!

I am very happy with how he turned out. Enjoy the insane orange color of my craft room in the background :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beadwork time (more non-knitting)

Okay, so I know this post isn't knitting related either. I just moved and I am still working on my quilt for my guest bedroom so knitting has taken a back seat recently. I STILL LOVE IT THOUGH!

Anyway, back in middle school I used to be really into making jewelry, but over the years I stopped. Well right before St. Patty's Day my friend and I went to target in search of green jewelry to wear out. We found an awesome pair of earrings but they only had a few green necklaces and none of them matched the earrings. My friend suggested we make our own. She just meant finding a cool bead and stringing it on a ribbon; she apparently forgot who she was hanging out with. I rush us over to Michaels and start describing the entire necklace making process to her. We picked out some green glass beads and headed back to my place. I already had all the seed beads and other materials necessary since I can never seem to throw out craft supplies. She made a double strand necklace, and mine started off as a double strand as well, but I left to much space between them and it looked odd. So I added a third strand of just green seed beads to fill the gap. I like the result!

Anyway, here is the final product, both on and off.

After that necklace we had both been infected with beaded jewelry mania. We talked about wanting to make a second necklace for awhile but never had the time. Finally on Sunday (mother's day, we seem to have a holiday thing going) we both had time to make one. We met at Michaels and got our supplies. This time our necklaces were completely different. she made a really long red necklace and I picked out an owl pendant I knew I wanted to use. I really wanted the beads on it to be orange, but sadly I couldn't find ANY orange beads of any kind. It was extremely depressing. I picked out some "coffee" mix brown glass seed beads and just mixed them with orange seed beads I already owned. I also added some chain and two plastic pale yellow beads for a little excitement.

Once again here is the final product both on and off.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Harry Potter Swap

Recently I got involved in two Harry Potter swaps via One swap I was an angel (meaning someone flaked and didn't send anything to their partner, so I volunteered to make them a package) and the other swap I was an active member in...although my partner ended up flaking on me. But I did have a lovely angel come and send me an amazing package, so it all worked out. Anyway, here are some knitted items I made for the swaps.

A gryffindor lion washcloth

Mad-Eye Moody's Eye (crocheted)

and my favorite piece of all...Hedwig! No patterned used, just made her up as I went.

Okay, so this item isn't knitted, but I did make it and I want to show it off.

I used a Harry Potter t-shirt for the flap and an old pair of Old Navy pants for the bag. The lining was a pink, sparkly fabric. It turned out really well and quite sturdy. I had no pattern for this and I just made it all up as I went I normally do.

The flap:

The front of the bag:

I made a few other items for the swaps as well, but nothing really shareworthy. I think I have my Harry Potter nerd-o-meter filled up for quite awhile. Thanks for looking!