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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beadwork time (more non-knitting)

Okay, so I know this post isn't knitting related either. I just moved and I am still working on my quilt for my guest bedroom so knitting has taken a back seat recently. I STILL LOVE IT THOUGH!

Anyway, back in middle school I used to be really into making jewelry, but over the years I stopped. Well right before St. Patty's Day my friend and I went to target in search of green jewelry to wear out. We found an awesome pair of earrings but they only had a few green necklaces and none of them matched the earrings. My friend suggested we make our own. She just meant finding a cool bead and stringing it on a ribbon; she apparently forgot who she was hanging out with. I rush us over to Michaels and start describing the entire necklace making process to her. We picked out some green glass beads and headed back to my place. I already had all the seed beads and other materials necessary since I can never seem to throw out craft supplies. She made a double strand necklace, and mine started off as a double strand as well, but I left to much space between them and it looked odd. So I added a third strand of just green seed beads to fill the gap. I like the result!

Anyway, here is the final product, both on and off.

After that necklace we had both been infected with beaded jewelry mania. We talked about wanting to make a second necklace for awhile but never had the time. Finally on Sunday (mother's day, we seem to have a holiday thing going) we both had time to make one. We met at Michaels and got our supplies. This time our necklaces were completely different. she made a really long red necklace and I picked out an owl pendant I knew I wanted to use. I really wanted the beads on it to be orange, but sadly I couldn't find ANY orange beads of any kind. It was extremely depressing. I picked out some "coffee" mix brown glass seed beads and just mixed them with orange seed beads I already owned. I also added some chain and two plastic pale yellow beads for a little excitement.

Once again here is the final product both on and off.


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