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Monday, October 29, 2007

Harry Potter Swap

Recently I got involved in two Harry Potter swaps via One swap I was an angel (meaning someone flaked and didn't send anything to their partner, so I volunteered to make them a package) and the other swap I was an active member in...although my partner ended up flaking on me. But I did have a lovely angel come and send me an amazing package, so it all worked out. Anyway, here are some knitted items I made for the swaps.

A gryffindor lion washcloth

Mad-Eye Moody's Eye (crocheted)

and my favorite piece of all...Hedwig! No patterned used, just made her up as I went.

Okay, so this item isn't knitted, but I did make it and I want to show it off.

I used a Harry Potter t-shirt for the flap and an old pair of Old Navy pants for the bag. The lining was a pink, sparkly fabric. It turned out really well and quite sturdy. I had no pattern for this and I just made it all up as I went I normally do.

The flap:

The front of the bag:

I made a few other items for the swaps as well, but nothing really shareworthy. I think I have my Harry Potter nerd-o-meter filled up for quite awhile. Thanks for looking!


At 3:03 AM, Blogger Sumy Sunil said...

This is cool buddy...with jeans pant on one side and harry potter t- shirt on the flaps ...LOL..what a creativity!??! keep rocking...


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