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Monday, October 30, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball Swap

I was recently involved in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap from In this swap my partner told me which pattern she wanted and gave me some info on her favorite colors and such and I had to buy her a ball of yarn then put at least 5 handmade goodies in it and how ever much store bought stuff I could fit in it, then wrap it all up in a ball. I bought her some super soft alpaca/silk blend yarn in a light pink. Here is what I sent to her...

I told her that I wanted to do the Knucks pattern from and I would prefer either brown, orange, or dark red. She ended up sending me the same brand of yarn!! It was quite a shock and a wonderful since I had fallen in love with it while picking it out for her. Here is what she sent me...

here is the ball as I recieved it, she even split it into two balls for me, one for each glove!

Here were all the goodies hidden inside

and here are the finished Knucks, although I have yet to embroider on them. I keep moving on to new projects and never take the time to fully finish the last project I have done, it is a really bad habit :( maybe this christmas break I will actually make myself finish some of the projects I have started.


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Jan-Knit said...

How wonderful! I LOVE the way she hid other gifties inside the yarn! FUN!!


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