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Monday, July 03, 2006

"friendship" afghan...HA!

Many moons ago I joined a Friendship afghan mailing list. The main point was you would recieve a mailing list with the name and addresses of other people involved in the group, then I would send a 6" X 6" crocheted square to each person on the list, and they in return would send a 6" X 6" square to me. Nice, neat, and simple. And in my naivety I actually believed this was going to work. But of course the human race let me down again. I did my part and sent out at least 20 squares to different people (all the people on the list at the time...the coordinator was going to send more names as more people joined) and how many did I recieve in return??? well if you guessed 10 that would be way to high...for the correct number is 5. Yes, send out 20 something and get 5 back in return. and only getting 5 is an odd number so you can't make into a blanket anyway, but even if I had gotten 6 it would still be to small to even make a baby blanket.

Here are the 5 that I recieved

the cute black square with the heart was made by my knitting friend Li, and the pink and white flower was from the coordinator Kristi.

So the only thing I could think to do with these squares (since I didn't want to just throw them away and I am way to lazy to crochet enough squares to make another afghan) was to crochet a few extra squares and turn them into a scarf. So I got to crocheting and made 7 extra square...I figured it would be a good way to practice some new crochet stitches at least.

(In case you are interested the pink and green square was made using the spike stitch, the yellow square using the popcorn stitch...the pale yellow even makes them look like real popcorn, and the blue square pictured below was the loop stitch)

Then I just had to go through the daunting task of finding the best arrangement for the scarf and sewing all the squares together. the scarf turned out to long to show all in one picture so I have broken it up into two photos.

I am actually quite happy with the final product. I am not sure if I will keep it or donate it but at the moment I am thinking I may just keep it and donate one of my other many scaves I have. Honestly I am just happy to be able to cross another project off my "projects started but never finished" list!


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