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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monk Messenger Bag

I got this project from the book "Folk Bags". I had wanted to make this for a long time but I have an addiction to messenger bags and already own 3 and couldn't justify adding another. But then I had a job interview in Chicago and my dad went with me (he had always wanted to visit Chicago so it gave him an excuse to go), and he researched yarn shops in the area and surprised me by taking me to one. Then he told me to pick out some yarn so I could knit my own souvenir. (Did I mention I have the best daddy ever!) I didn't have any knitting books on me, but the store had the "Folk Bags" book so I took it as a sign that I needed to make the bag. Plus the book titled this piece "monk bag", and having been a religion major focusing on Asian religions I had no excuse for not making this bag.

It is made from a mercerized cotton yarn, I can't remember which brand.

I did alter the pattern some, eliminating all but the strap pockets for I wanted to put a lining into the bag. But I added 3 pockets into my lining so it is still a pocket heavy bag...which I love! The more pockets a bag has the more drawn to it I am. I also didn't add the clasps on the flap, I tried to add them but they just didn't look right to me, so I opted to go without. I wish I had made the front flap longer than the book specified. It seems a bit to short but to late now, it will have to do.

Pocket Pictures!

The strap pocket (there is one on each side)

My favorite pocket in lining. I was going to add a zipper but I never actually close interior zipper pockets so I figured why even add the zipper.

I used a cheap, light-weight fabric for the lining because I want the bag to retain its slouchy-ness when I use it, but didn't want items poking through the knitting if I didn't put a lining in.

I have had the bag knitted up for quite awhile but it took me a few more months to put the lining in (I tend to put off projects that require the sewing machine). So I can now finally mark this project off my "to do" list!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kitty Quilt *my first quilt*

After many, many moons, I have finally finished my first quilt! This is a rather small quilt, meant to be a kitty quilt. I originally started the top for my cat Spencer. But sadly back in '06 he disappeared So the top sat around unfinished, until I moved and discovered it again. I was hand-piecing it when I started it, due to lack of sewing machine, but I have one now so it was machine finished.

It is machine quilted in a diamond pattern (easier to see on the back). I didn't have enough of the blue fabric to make binding, so I was going to purchase some bias tape but Hobby Lobby was completely out of blue. But their ribbon was 50% off so I bought some blue ribbon and used that for the binding instead. I didn't actually follow the correct instructions for doing the binding, and now wish I had. But oh well, it is a made for a cat, they aren't picky.

Thanks to my Granny's large stash of fabric and batting it was a cheap quilt, only $1 for a yard of blue broadcloth, and $2.16 for the ribbon.

I am gave it to my boyfriend for his cat Calvin. I crocheted my boyfriend a blanket which his cat loves and keeps drooling all over it, which drives my boyfriend insane. I was hoping Calvin would take to the quilt and leave the blanket alone, but at least while I was visiting Calvin completely ignored the quilt. Such a typical cat.

Here it is being presented by my cat Ellie

The back, so you can see the quilting